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Music Instrument Introduction: Bassoon

The instrument bassoon is a remarkable wind instrument that produces a very rich, round sound. It is a double-reed instrument that typically has a keys section that produces a keyless tone by utilizing a direct airstream. An instrument bassoon can produce a range of over 3 octaves and often features a basic middle C vibrato. What Is an Instrument Bassoon?

Bassoons are double reed instruments with keys. Like flutes, they produce an oboe-like sound by transferring the vibration of the air stream directly into the instrument's vibrating reeds or keys. The bassoon is a non-transposing instrument that plays music written in the treble clef. In every other way, it plays exactly like a piccolo. It has a wider range than its pitched cousin, with a low E extending down to E2 and up to a high C above the staff. It is a more vibrant and penetrating instrument than its flute counterpart. Instrument bassoons typically have three sections: the keys, the throat, and the bell or handpipe.

Bassoons usually feature a basic range of three octaves and a light keyless tone. Bassoons are not always open at the end of the tubing, but rather stopped (with the reed removed) or partially stopped (the player can adjust how open to make the bassoon). Contrabassoon Contrabassoons are also called double bassoons.

Several kinds of bassoon have been developed over the centuries, but their design has remained relatively consistent. The bassoon has a single-reed mouthpiece, a double-reed main body (or "bark"), and in most cases, a curved metal extension (the "bell" or "boot") holding the multiple pipes of varying length that constitute the instrument's "registers".

In the 18th century, makers began to experiment with a "contrabassoon", a double-reeded instrument pitched a perfect fourth lower than the standard bassoon. The contrapuntal variation is generally accepted to be an adaptation of the Contrebasse de Chambre (originally the English Baroque Cello Bass) by Andreas Silbermann of Weissenfels, Contrabassoonists use a shaped metal reed, whose cross-section changes over time, to adjust the instrument's vibration characteristics.

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