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What Is A Flute? Fun Flute Facts

A flute is a type of woodwind musical instrument that produces sound when the player blows across an opening at one end. It is played by blowing air into one end. Some people describe this as "bubbling" the flute.

What is a Flute?

A flute is a musical instrument that is played by blowing air across a hole at one end of the instrument. The flute has been around for many centuries and originated in Africa. In the beginning, the holes were not covered. Today, most flutes have seven holes that are closed with your fingers. The flute makes a sound when the player blows over the hole.

The tone can be either pleasant or frightening. A very small flute has four holes that produce a higher-pitched sound. This type of flute is called a piccolo. A more common flute has six holes, which produce a lower-pitched sound. This is called a concert flute. The most common type of flute is the transverse flute. This flute is held underhand or overhand.

When the flute is held overhand, the pitch is higher than when it is held underhand. Other hand positions are called inversion. These inversions produce different pitches. For example, when the flute is held with your thumb on the top of the flute, the flute produces a lower-pitched sound. When the flute is held with your thumb on the bottom of the flute, it produces a higher-pitched sound. When the flute is held with your fingers on both ends of the flute, it produces a sound in between the two other sounds.

Kinds of Flutes

Flutes are musical instruments that produce sound through vibrating air. The construction of the flute varies, but it is typically made up of four parts: a body, head joint, foot joint, and mouthpiece. A whistle is another type of flute. A common misconception is that the recorder is also a type of flute. Flutes are most often made from wood, although metal is also used. Whistles are made from metals such as tin, copper. Sometimes high quality plastic flutes are used, some of these will produce a sound similar to a metal flute, but with a more mellow tone. 

Flutes are able to produce many different sounds, making them suitable for use in musicals, concerts, marching bands, musicals, orchestras, flute ensembles, folk music, classical music, jazz music, world music, and other types of music.

What is special about a Flute?

Flute has been in use since prehistoric times. Instruments from the flute family include the recorder, tin whistle, and panpipes. Flutes are part of the woodwind section of an orchestra, and are typically written in treble clef. There are two basic types of flutes, one is made of wood (such as the recorder or tin whistle) and the other is made of metal (usually brass). Wooden flutes can be found in various forms, including conical bore (also called "recorder-type" flutes), cylindrical bore (also called "harp-type" flutes), and conical tube (also called "whistle-type" flutes). The word flute derives from Middle English flot, meaning a small drinking vessel, and cognate with Old Norse fluta.

Flutes in their modern form were not commonly used until the 16th century. Early flutes were made of a wooden tube. Later, one or two small holes through a wooden wheel housed a covered wheel called a "pipette", which produced sound when air was blown across it.

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